Bus Crashes Through Stone Wall, Slides Down Embankment Near George Washington Bridge, 2 Seriously Hurt: FDNY

Two people were seriously hurt when a small bus veered off the road, smashed through a stone wall and careened down an embankment near the George Washington Bridge in New York City Tuesday morning, fire officials say.

The bus was heading on a ramp connecting the Henry Hudson Parkway to the bridge on Manhattan's west side when it slid down the embankment north of Fort Washington Park, authorities say. 

The FDNY says two people were hurt in the crash. Their injuries were considered serious, but were not believed to be life-threatening, the department said. Chopper 4 captured two people who appeared to be adults being secured on stretchers, and the FDNY said they were the only two aboard.

Aerial footage showed the bus sitting upright in a small wooded area as about a dozen firefighters picked their way around the snow and branches. Above, yellow caution tape cordoned off a stone wall that appeared to be destroyed.  

The entire front of the white bus was crumpled from some type of impact, though it wasn't clear if the damage was caused by the barrier or a tree. Brooklyn Transportation Corporation was written on the side of the vehicle; reached by phone, the company said it had no information at this time. 

It's not clear what caused the crash. No other vehicles appeared to be involved.

Traffic backed up to the Henry Hudson Bridge. 

-Jen Maxfield contributed to this report

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