New York

Gotta Go? Survey Reveals Top-Rated Gas Station Bathrooms in Every State

Everyone who has been in a car at some point in his or her life probably knows the feeling: You're on a road trip and you, your friend or your 8-year-old kid has to go to the bathroom. It's an emergency. But there are only gas stations around. And gas station bathrooms can be, you know, less than tidy. 

Fortunately, GasBuddy just put out a list of the top-rated gas station restrooms for every state in the country, based on consumer reviews. The list identifies brands, not specific locations, so some, of course, may be better than others.

In New York, Nice N' Easy takes top honors. Wawa takes the cake in New Jersey, and in Connecticut, if you've got to go, you may want to stop at a Cumberland Farms gas station. Overall, Tulsa-based QuikTrip was rated best in nine states, more than any other brand. See the full list here.

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