Benjamin Carroll

Garbage Truck Goes Up In Flames Causing Delays for Late Night Metro-North Commuters

A garbage truck that caught fire in East Harlem late Wednesday caused some delays for late night Metro-North commuters.

The truck went up in flames under the train tracks at 119th Street near Park Avenue, causing the power to the third rail of the Harlem line to be shut down.

Video from the scene shows the garbage truck on the road underneath a bridge burning on the front side when it suddenly popped, sending bright flashes and thick smoke into the nighttime sky.

Train riders heading into the city got into Grand Central about an hour behind schedule. One train that had just left 125th Street had to be pulled back to the station.

Metro-North workers had been working on and inspecting the damage throughout the night. The MTA says there is a reduced speed of 30 MPH in the area as a result of the truck fire. 

The FDNY said the tracks had to be deenergized just around 11:45 p.m. The tracks were reenergized about five hours later around 4:45 a.m.

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