New York

Several Buildings Evacuated After Garbage Truck Catches Fire in Jersey City

Several homes in New Jersey were evacuated early Monday when a garbage truck burst into flames, people living in the area said.

Fire crews were at the scene for several hours on Palisade Avenue in Jersey City, dousing water on the charred truck. Residents say they heard three loud blasts in rapid succession at around 2:30 a.m., followed by flames.

The blaze caused at least three cars parked on the street to catch fire. The facade of one of the buildings nearby was also scorched.

AJ Betts said he watched his car go up in flames from his apartment before leaving the building.

“We watched for a minute and then all of the sudden we heard an explosion and I see flames shoot out the front of my car, he said. "I was like, 'We need to get of the apartment.'"

The garbage truck is owned by Regional Industrial. A supervisor for the company told NBC 4 New York that the truck’s driver called 911 when the fire broke out.

The driver was able to escape the vehicle. No other injuries have been reported.

It's not clear what caused the fire. 

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