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Dinner Is Coming: An NYC Restaurant is Hosting ‘Game of Thrones'-Themed Dinners

Dinner is coming.

"Game of Thrones" fans in New York City, especially those without HBO, have reason to get excited. 

White Gold Butchers, on the Upper West Side, will be hosting weekly dinners themed after the hit show as well as screenings of new episodes. 

The dinners will occur every Sunday through Aug. 27 and start at 8 p.m. Tickets for the dinner cost $55 per person, which includes a meat-centric, three course meal “that would make King’s Landing proud” and gratuity.

To make the dinner even more authentic, there will be no utensils used during the entirety of the meal.

All-you-can-drink beer and wine specials will also be available for an additional $15.

The idea for the dinner and viewing party came from Jocelyn Guest, the owner of White Gold Butchers and an avid "Game of Thrones" fan, who wanted to be able to watch the show while she was at work.

Walk-ins are welcome if there is space, but buying tickets is highly recommended. 

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