Train Hauling Trash Derails in Bronx, Metro-North Service Suspended

Metro-North service on a portion of the Hudson line is suspended indefinitely after a freight train hauling trash derailed in the Bronx, officials say.

Ten cars of a CSX freight train derailed at about 8:40 p.m. Thursday in the area of the Spuyten Duyvil station, according to Marge Anders of Metro-North. The freight was taking garbage from the Oak Point Yard in the Bronx to another location north. An engineer, a conductor and a brakeman were on board; no one was injured. 

The tracks in the part of the railroad where the train derailed were fouled. No trains were stranded because of the suspension. 

The Hudson line was suspended between Marble Hill and Spuyten Duyvil. Passengers who were trying to get home were taken back on the train, and some complained they were given no information about what was going on. 

"We just stood there for a couple of minutes. Then they backed us up to Yankee Stadium and said that was it," said Fred Rothenberg. "They dumped us like a piece of garbage. No options, no buses, nothing."

"An announcement came in that there was a derailment up ahead and they would provide more information as soon as they had it," said another woman. "Shortly thereafter, we saw people just kind of getting off the train."

A shuttle bus is operating between Marble Hill and Riverdale stations, where customers can resume Metro-North service. Customers should use the Harlem line for points of travel north and south of Spuyten Duyvil; tickets will be cross-honored. 

The Hudson line travels between Grand Central Terminal and Poughkeepsie, and serves about 18,000 people on a given day, according to Metro-North. 

A spokeswoman said service was not likely to be restored for the morning rush. Metro-North riders on the line are urged to check the website at in the morning. 

CSX said it is evaluating with Metro-North to see how quickly they can get the derailed train cars cleared and the tracks reopened. 

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