Famed NYPD Cop Frank Serpico Seeks Office in Upstate New York

File / Associated Press

The former NYPD officer immortalized for blowing the whistle on police corruption in the 1973 film "Serpico" is running for office in a small upstate New York town.

The 79-year-old Frank Serpico tells The New York Times he's eyeing a seat on the five-member town board of Stuyvesant in Columbia County.

The former detective calls the town of approximately 2,220 people a place where "if the ticks don't get you, the politics will."

He has lived in the area since the early 1980s.

Serpico claims the political structure of Stuyvesant is an "old-boys network" run by Republicans who play favorites and are no stranger to backroom deals.

Stuyvesant Democratic Committee Chairman Lee Jamison praised Serpico for his willingness to speak up for what's right.

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