Long Island

Four Long Island Beaches Closed Due to Sewage Spilling Into Harbor

Four beaches in Nassau County were closed on Tuesday and will remain so indefinitely after a sewage spilled into a harbor due to a blockage of baby wipes and paper

While some cry foul about some beaches being closed to non-county residents, a foul reason has left some beaches closed to everyone temporarily.

Four beaches in Nassau County were closed on Tuesday, and will remain so indefinitely after sewage spilled into a harbor, according to the county's Department of Health.

County officials said that a blockage in a sewer main allowed untreated sewage to overflow into a storm drain and pour into Hempstead Harbor. The Nassau County Department of Health closed Port Washington's North Hempstead Beach Park, Glenwood Landing's Tappen Beach, Glen Cove's Morgan Beach and Sea Cliff Village Beach as a result.

The blockage was said to be from items like baby wipes and paper. Officials said that the sewage was no longer flowing into the water by Tuesday evening.

The beaches will be closed until the department can review beach water quality samples, with results not coming until Thursday at the earliest.

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