For Free Hotel Stay, Couple Must Keep Curtains Open

London couple watched by passersby on ground floor

A London couple visiting the Big Apple have settled into their hotel room -- under the watchful eyes of thousands of pedestrians and motorists.

Duncan Malcolm and Katherine Lewis are receiving a complimentary five-day stay at Manhattan's Roger Smith Hotel in exchange for guesting in a replica of one of the hotel's rooms on the ground floor of a nearby building.

As part of the agreement, the couple must keep the curtains on the room's large glass windows open between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. until Friday, allowing passers-by to watch them.

The hotel partnered with the Real Live Billboards company, which stages live events for advertising and promotional purposes.

In December, heavyweight boxer Tor Hamer was featured in the hotel's storefront window exchanging punches with his trainer.

The Roger Smith wasn't the only hotel making news Monday. The Standard has a new ad that's turning some heads.

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