Following Obama's Trail of Crumbs in NYC

President shows affinity for downtown restaurants with reliable, staid menus

Following the commander-in-chief’s food trail, we can safely say Barack Obama’s crumbs lay in reputable, not too spicy or out of the ordinary downtown restaurants.

The latest presidential sighting was a late lunch at Craftsteak today. Unsurprisingly it is located in the West Village, 85 10th Ave. and calling the celebrity chef’s restaurant a steakhouse would be an understatement according to New York Magazine.

Originating in Las Vegas, Craftsteak brings to New York its "hyperprecious mood", glitzy grassier and rough-hewn catwalk-like bar, a New York Magazine reviews said.

His choice of Craftsteak resembles his policy decisions so far -- people pleasing and not too controversial.

Obama surely does not like to live in the past. No stranger to the Big Apple, he has lived in east Harlem as a graduate at Columbia University but has kept his choice of restaurants strictly downtown.

Another presidentially anointed restaurant in the West Village is Il Mulino. Obama visited in Sept. 14 with Bill Clinton lunching on fish, pasta, and salad. Il Mulino is known for eager tuxedoed waiters and "trend-resistant cooks" who offer food in restrained portions, according to NY Times.

Keeping with his low-profiled safe taste, Obama had a romantic date with Michelle at Blue Hill on 75 Washington Place. Spotted there May 30, they ate from the tasting menu with wine and martinis.

Blue Hill’s menu showcases local food and a local wine list and employs artisan techniques and ingredients from nearby farms. The five-course tasting is inspired by the week’s harvest, which shows Obama’s efforts supporting local agriculture, says Gawker.

There is no need to stalk Obama, and risk arrest, to keep up with the president's dining choices . Visit Obama Foodorama for “a daily diary of the Obama foodscape.”

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