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Flying Car Crash-Lands on Table at NJ Wendy's Next to Family Eating Lunch

Miraculously, no serious injuries were reported

flying car wendy's
South Brunswick Police

A vehicle somehow went airborne and slammed into a Wendy's restaurant not far from where a family was sitting outside eating in New Jersey earlier this week.

Wild video from the South Brunswick Police Department captures the exact moment the Toyota Corolla vaulted over a berm, flipping practically vertical and careening into the fast-food joint Monday.

It crash-landed on a table outside -- just one table away from where a family was enjoying lunch around 1 p.m.

Police believe a medical episode may have caused the 57-year-old driver to lose control while driving on Route 130, and said the car was traveling at about 70 mph. Police added that the driver's seatbelt may have saved her life.

The car left debris behind as it went in a straight line from the highway, through a grassy patch, and past four trees and two utility poles.

Miraculously, no serious injuries were reported. The driver was hospitalized, but not in serious condition.

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