Port Authority Cops Save Man Foaming at Mouth on JFK Flight From Overdose

A 24-year-old man who authorities say overdosed on heroin and pills aboard a plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport was saved by two quick-thinking Port Authority police officers.

Officers Eric Stern and Sean Pomerantza were on duty at the airport Wednesday when they received a call about a man needing medical attention around 10:50 p.m., Port Authority Spokesman Joe Pentangelo said.

Upon arrival, the officers found the man barely breathing, confused and foaming at the mouth aboard a JetBlue plane taxiing for takeoff to Florida. The Bethpage resident had taking heroin and anxiety meds, causing him to slur his speech.

Stern and Pomerantza gave him a dose of Narcan, which stabilized the man's behavior and breathing, potentially saving his life.

The victim was taken to Jamaica Hospital for treatment shortly after.

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