Five Kids, Ages 10-16, Charged With ‘Holding Up' Movie Theater With Cap Guns

Witnesses said several of the kids ran into the theater, yelled "everyone get their hands up!" and then fired off what turned out to be cap guns

What to Know

  • Five kids ages 10 to 16 face serious charges for firing cap guns in a movie theater Sunday night
  • The kids allegedly ran into the Stamford, CT theater, told patrons to put their hands up and fired their cap guns off
  • They face charges including conspiracy and breach of peace

Five Connecticut kids, some as young as 10 years old, are facing charges they terrorized patrons at a movie theater with cap guns Sunday night.

Stamford police said they got a call just before 8 p.m. for people entering the Majestic theater on Summer Steet with guns and making threats. Witnesses said several ran into the theater, yelled "everyone get their hands up!" and then fired off what turned out to be cap guns.

Police treated the prank like an active shooter scenario, and parents say it could have made the scene that much worse. 

"It could have got ugly. Somebody carrying a concealed weapon could have shot the kids down and then come to find out if it's a fake weapon -- that would be a life taken for no reason," said Abram Gonzalez of Norwalk. 

Officers ultimately found four suspects up the street, two of whom had the toy guns in their clothes. A fifth was found nearby, and near him another cap gun was found. The one girl and four boys range in ages from 10 to 16. 

Stamford Police Capt. Diedrich Hohn said police learned the boys bought the fake guns at a Target store.

"The investigation also revealed they were going to do it at the movie theater and several other downtown restaurants, so we are glad they only did one and we were able to stop them to prevent more hysteria," said Hohn. "It was a very poor idea." 

All five are charged with breach of peace and conspiracy; the three who fired also face reckless endangerment charges. 

"That's not funny, that's not a joke," said local parent Dahlia Saeed.

Police said some of the children have been arrested in the past, including the 10-year-old boy. Parents may also have to answer to a judge when the kids go to court. 

A Stamford public schools official also says the kids will likely face classroom discipline on top of having to see a judge. 

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