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Long Island City Neighbors Fight for View During Fireworks Show

It’s not even the Fourth of July yet, but the fireworks are already flying in Queens.

Residents of one apartment building in Long Island City are worried they will miss the fireworks, saying they have been barred from watching the Macy’s fireworks show and now they are fighting back.

“This is a huge inconvenience,” James Edstrom of Long Island City said. “Freedom is very valuable. Nobody should be able to take our freedom away.”

Furious residents say they won’t be able to watch the fireworks show happening right outside their doors. They say they’re not allowed on the street, the park, and even their own rooftop. The show is a massive production and requires a large amount of security, but neighbors say it’s gotten out of control. 

“It feels like a prison,” Janean Adams of Long Island City said.

They aren’t allowed in the empty lot, which is being used for production trucks, neighbors said. Even the building’s rooftop, they say, is being used for Homeland Security.

"We have a sky lounge that’s off limit,” Adams said. "We have a gym closed, everything is off limits to us that day.”

Neighbors said the only thing being offered to them is a tiny area in front of the building’s entrance, which they said is unfair.

"It doesn't seem like the resident's celebration because we're pretty much left out in the cold," Marie Hanlon of Long Island City said.  

Macy’s said in a statement that it all comes down to public safety.

“The NYPD and their partner security agencies put in place a comprehensive plan to effectively secure all areas in proximity to events of this scale,” Macy’s said. “Unfortunately, that may result in some restricted access for local residents."

NBC 4 New York has reached out to the NYPD for comment.

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