Detonated Fireworks Cause Loud Explosion in Bronx: FDNY

A box of fireworks detonated in the Bronx late Monday night, causing an explosion that shook houses and could be heard for miles, according to the FDNY.

It’s not clear what caused the fireworks to ignite at Pelham Bay Park about 11:15 p.m., but the blast could be heard throughout the borough.

An NYPD source told the New York Post that the professional-grade fireworks were in a garbage can left on the pitcher's mound of one of the park's baseball fields. The can was turned to shrapnel in the explosion, but several unlit fireworks remained.

Fire officials say that crews went to survey the area, but left after it became apparent they weren’t needed.

Hundreds of people living in the area took to Twitter, saying the blast shook houses and could be heard as far as New Jersey. At least one person tweeted that the explosion caused a window to crack.

It's not immediately known if there were any injuries.

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