Firefighters' Facebook Wedding Invite OK, NJ Town Says

Two New Jersey volunteer firefighters who are engaged to be married won't face suspension for inadvertently violating department rules when they shared their wedding invitation on Facebook.

Garfield's city manager said Saturday that the town fire department's social media policy has been revised and that positive online posts like the wedding announcement are OK, but anything negative, demeaning or that violates the privacy of a fire victim isn't allowed, The Record newspaper reported.

Paul Mellor and his fiancée Danielle Szep staged their firefighting coats with their last names stenciled on the back as props in their wedding invitation photo, which Szep posted to Facebook on March 17.

The town's fire chief initially told the couple to remove the Facebook post or face suspension.

But last week, before revisions to the fire department's social media policies were announce, town officials OKed the invite. Garfield Mayor Tana Raymond said at the time that the couple's invitation is something the city should endorse.

"For a young couple to pick the fact that they are firefighters for the theme of their wedding is flattering to the city and firefighters everywhere and we should endorse it," Raymond said on Monday.

The couple has a combined 13 years serving as volunteer firefighters.

The incident is being blamed on a lack of communication.

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