Fire Truck Used on 9/11 Lowered Into Museum at Ground Zero

A fire truck used during the World Trade Center evacuation on 9/11 returned to ground zero on Wednesday where it was lowered into exhibition space for the National September 11 Memorial Museum.

The truck is from the fire department's Ladder Company 3, which carried 11 firefighters from the firehouse in the East Village to the burning trade center site on the morning of the attacks. All 11 members died.

The front of the truck was sliced off when the towers collapsed. A door and a bumper from the truck are now displayed at the firehouse as a tribute to those who died.  

The truck has been stored and maintained at an airport hangar for several years and was escorted to ground zero on Wednesday by the current Ladder 3 truck.    

A crane lowered the 60,000-pound truck about 70 feet into the site on Wednesday afternoon.

"Ladder 3's return to this sacred site after 10 years is a tribute to the FDNY's bravery on that day and every day," said 9/11 Memorial President Joe Daniels.

The museum, which opens next year, will also feature parts of police vehicles, an FDNY ambulance and a fire truck from Engine 21.

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