Fight Breaks Out at NYC Church Jolted by Pastor's Arrest

A shoving match erupted at a New York City church Sunday when parishioners attempted to confront a pastor who has been criminally charged with pilfering money from the parish.

Pastor Daniel Iampaglia still leads services at the Rock Church on East 62nd Street despite being charged with petit larceny after surveillance video captured him allegedly pocketing the church's offerings.

Iampaglia was arrested at the Rock Church on East 62nd Street on Nov. 24 on a charge of petit larceny, according to police. He was issued a desk appearance ticket and released the same day, scheduled to return Jan. 5.

Iampaglia denies the allegations.

Church board members became suspicious after Iampaglia was hospitalized for three weeks, and during his absence, donations during their regular Sunday and Tuesday collections tripled.

They set up a camera, and video from it captured Iampaglia repeatedly going into the church office and pocketing cash from the offerings envelope, board members say.

Board members say Iampaglia refuses to resign and wanted to question him Sunday at the church. A security team attempted to stop them from entering and a shoving match ensued. Eventually, police officers arrived.

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