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NYPD: Fetus, Bloody Clothes Found Near School in Brooklyn

Detectives went door to door to see if anyone had surveillance footage

What to Know

  • Someone walking a dog discovered a fetus and a bag of bloody clothes on Monday morning in East New York.
  • The fetus was found near P.S. 36; School wasn't in session at the time.
  • Police are trying to track down whoever dumped the fetus

Police are investigating after a human fetus was found near a school in Brooklyn on Monday morning. 

Authorities say a person walking their dog at Bradford Street and Linden Boulevard in East New York around 7 a.m. discovered the fetus alongside a white grocery bag of bloody clothing. 

“You could see the blood inside of the bag from the clothes," said Veronica Sexton, another witness who only saw the bag. "The clothes were drenched in blood. It was a horrific sight to see.”

The location is near P.S. 36; New York City schools are closed this week for midwinter recess.

The fetus appeared to be around 20 weeks, according to authorities.

The NYPD is investigating the discovery, and detectives could be seen going door to door to see if anyone had surveillance footage showing someone leaving the fetus.

The identity of the mother is also unknown. 

"Anything's possible," said Orlando Reid of East New York. "I'm pretty sure the way it looked, it wasn't going to survive anyway, but I just hope she got help, whoever it was." 

"It's sad. I'm not here to judge," he said. 

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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