FedEx Worker Caught on Video Kicking Door

FedEx says it's investigating after an employee was captured on surveillance video kicking the gate to an East Harlem art gallery, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The art gallery owner, Raphael Benavides, said his security camera captured a FedEx deliveryman walking up to the Poet's Den art gallery and, apparently frustrated when no one answered to pick up the package, kicking the iron door. 

"He kicked, I'm talking karate-kicked like he was trying to bring the gate down," said Benavides.

"The way you see him, he looks like a madman," he said. 

When the deliveryman left, the glass display, doorknob and door frame were all broken inside. 

FedEx has agreed to cover the repair costs and said in a statement: "We are very disappointed to see this video. This behavior falls short of what is expected of drivers representing FedEx Ground and will be addressed." 

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