FDNY Truck Slams Into Car at Brooklyn Intersection As It Races to Emergency

First responders have to get to emergencies fast, but what happens when innocent drivers get caught in the path of emergency vehicles?

Dramatic surveillance video shows an FDNY truck slamming into a vehicle at a Brooklyn intersection while racing to an emergency, and residents say it's another example of why speed bumps are necessary there. 

The video shows a white sedan T-boning a fire engine at the corner of Midwood and Bedford in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Wednesday afternoon while the truck was responding to a call. 

The video shows another FDNY truck pulling up shortly afterward to attend to the driver who was slammed in the crash. It's not clear how badly the driver was injured, and the FDNY did not immediately respond to News 4's request for comment. 

Resident Josh Kohnfelder said he does not blame the fire department for doing its job, but there's a speeding problem at that intersection. He and other neighbors have demanded speed bumps, and were told it's not possible. 

"The DOT's been saying that it's an emergency route to the fire department and they cannot put any speed bumps here," he said, adding the street has now become known for speeding drivers. 

Neighbors say they don't want to make it harder for firefighters to do their job but they also want a solution. 

"It's devastating to think that my kids play out here, and people drive that way," said Kohnfelder. "It's pretty uncomfortable." 

Lauree Johnson said, "Maybe we can do something, put up a sign -- 'Children at play, please go slow.' Something to deter them from moving at the clip that they are."

The DOT told News 4 that it's looking into the issue. Usually, a study is needed before speed bumps are installed, and that can take up to two years. 

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