FDNY: Mayor's Budget Proposal “Is Not Good”

Fire Commish considers his own department's cuts

FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta reacted quickly to Friday's budget announcement by Michael Bloomberg.

The mayor proposed heavy cuts in city jobs, cuts in services and increases in costs for everyday New Yorkers.

Among the agencies that would face heavy losses is the FDNY.

In a memo sent by Scoppetta Friday, he said Bloomberg's proposed budget "is not good" for the department.

Scoppetta said the following cuts would be made:

+ 4 fire company night closings will become full time closings effective 7-1-09.
+ 7 additional fire companies will be disbanded effective 7-1-09.
+ 5 additional fire companies will be disbanded effective 1-1-10.
+ 30 BLS ambulance tours and 9 supervisory lines in conditions cars will be eliminated effective 7-1-09.
+ 27 Fire Marshal lines and 5 Supervising Fire Marshal lines will be eliminated based on attrition.
+ 32 EMS administrative lines in units through out the Department will be eliminated, which will require those members on full duty in the designated units to return to ambulance duty and those members with Reasonable Accommodations to seek other accommodations if available, otherwise they will need to retire.
+ All civilian vacancies that have not been approved by OMB have now been eliminated.
+ There is a complete freeze on all new civilian attrition that occurs until June 30, 2010. This does not include Fire Prevention, Dispatchers, Grant funded positions, Deutsche Bank Task Force positions or ECTP related lines. The Bureau of Personnel Resources will be issuing new civilian guidelines to address critical vacancies.
+ Security Services for Randall’s Island, Fort Totten and Maspeth will be discontinued by March 1, 2009.

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