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FBI: NY Man Arrested for Allegedly Ramming MTA Vehicle Off Road Had ‘to Kill' List

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A New York man who allegedly rammed his Jeep into an occupied MTA vehicle several times in Westchester County had a "To Kill" list of public figures in his car, federal authorities said.

The FBI announced that Nicholas Skulstad of Dobbs Ferry was taken into federal custody Thursday following the incident that occurred on April 5. The 33-year-old is accused of driving his car into the marked MTA vehicle over and over again until he forced it off the road. Skustad then walked over to the driver's window and banged on it until it nearly shattered, according to the criminal

After Ossining police officers arrived to the scene, Skulstad allegedly yelled, “I’m Jesus Christ! You are going to die today! Are you ready to die?” at one of the officers. Before cops were able to take him into custody, Skulstad "charged" a police vehicle on foot, threw himself into the police vehicle and yelled threats at another officer, the criminal complaint alleged.

Officers later found a shell casing and a notebook with a page that said “List – To Kill” with the names of multiple current and former public officials and other public figures. Authorities did not disclose the names of the list.

Skulstad was charged with destruction of a motor vehicle employed in interstate commerce, the FBI said. It's unclear if additional charges are pending.

It also wasn't immediately clear whether Skulstad had obtained a representative who can speak on his behalf.

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