Surveillance Video Captures Deadly Hit-and-Run in Bronx

The victim's family is hoping the video will lead them to the driver who killed their husband and father

The family of a Bronx man killed in a hit-and-run has released surveillance video of the crash, hoping the public will be able to help them identify the getaway driver.

Alfonso Melendez, 49, was crossing the Grand Concourse at 184th Street in Fordham last Thursday night, just a block from his home, when he was hit by a car. Surveillance video shows the driver pulling over and getting out of the car to take a look. The driver then gets back in the car and drives away. 

Melendez died a short time later at the hospital.

"He stopped and actually got out of his car and just stood there," said Melendez's stepdaughter, Jacquelyn Mussenden. "That's devastating." 

Melendez's son-in-law, Jose Carrasquillo, had scoured the street after the hit-and-run to look for surveillance video that might help police catch the driver.

"He tucked his tail and got in his car and ran off," he said. "It's a coward move." 

Melendez's widow, Brenda Pagan, remains heartbroken.

"I do miss him, and I'm still going to keep on missing him. It's been 30 years together," she said. 

Police are looking for a dark-colored van or SUV, but were not able to get a license plate number. Anyone who saw what happened Thursday night is urged to come forward and talk to police. 

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