Fantasy Football Player Drives Pink ‘Loser Mobile' After Defeat

Westchester county native Nick Johnson is turning heads with his bold new ride.

The penalty car (passenger view side). Credit: Carvertise

What to Know

  • Nick Johnson of Westchester county is being forced to drive his newly detailed car for coming in last place in his friends' Fantasy Football league team
  • Johnson's car has been temporarily wrapped in eye-catching art filled with unicorns, hearts, and taunting phrases
  • Johnson is set to cruise in his new ride for a month and topped off his punishment by showcasing it in Times Square yesterday morning

Be careful what you wish for – or who you bet on.

Nick Johnson of Westchester county is being forced to ride in a “Loser Mobile” after placing last in the Fantasy Football league team he and his friends were in. The bubble gum pink vehicle, generously adorned with hearts, pastel rainbows, cartoon unicorns and images of the unlucky better, is actually Johnson’s own car, custom wrapped to his friends’ special orders.

Hood view of the "Loser Mobile".
Nick Johnson's "Loser Mobile" (driver's side view).

The deceivingly peppy car also boldly advertises Johnson’s poor predicting skills, with phrases such as “I’m A Loser” and “I Suck At Fantasy Football” sprawled in large capital letters on each side, among other jeering statements. His phone number is also provided in case onlookers wish to partake in the playful banter and “send advice” to help improve his Fantasy Football forecasts.

But Johnson is not the only one facing punishment – his girlfriend, who shares the car with him, must also confront the cost of his ill-fated decisions.

To top it off, Johnson showcased his new ride in Times Square yesterday and circled the area for the city to see.

A pedestrian waves as Nick Johnson takes his "Loser Mobile" for a spin in Times Square, Jan. 27, 2020.
Nick Johnson and his new ride, Jan. 27, 2020.
The punishment car in Times Square, Jan. 27, 2020.

Johnson is set to drive the "Loser Mobile" for a month before the vibrant wrapping comes off.

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