Benjamin Carroll

Man Loses at Fantasy Football, Forced to Put on Hilarious Show for Subway Riders, Video Shows

The man had a sign that read "No $ necessary I just suck @ Fantasy Football"

Not everyone can be good at fantasy football and not everyone can get out of those grueling last-place punishments given to the league’s loser.

And it’s entirely true for one man who was forced to throw on a beard and put on a show for subway riders to see.

A video posted to Instagram by the user mikeynicosia93 shows the man playing the recorder while sporting the long, gray beard while standing behind a sign that reads “No $ necessary I just suck @ Fantasy Football.”

The video, which appears to have been posted to the social media platform on Super Bowl Sunday, had the caption “El Sacko fantasy.” For anybody who hasn't seen the FX and FXX series “The League,” a comedy show about a group of friends that go head-to-head in a fantasy football league, The Sacko is the trophy given to the last-place finisher while other members of the league get to hand out “sacko punishments” that the last-place player must complete.

It appears the man behind the costume is playing along with the joke as he is heard in the video saying “What do you want me to play, I’ll play you whatever you want.”

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