Fan Doesn't Regret Tattoo Reading ‘Mets World Champs 2015'

A lifelong Mets fan says he doesn't regret getting a tattoo of the team's logo with the inscription "World Champs 2015," despite New York's heartbreaking series loss at home Sunday night. 

Josh Davis, a 22-year-old college student in Hackettstown, New Jersey, got the tattoo on a whim hours before Game 1 last Tuesday, when he was still riding high on the team's National League championship victory.  

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"The way they beat the Cubs gave me that extra boost of confidence," he told NBC 4 New York.

But Davis, who grew up watching the Mets with his father, had been toying with the idea of getting a team tattoo for awhile. 

"Early on in the midseason, when they were doing all right, I said if they make it to the World Series, I would tattoo them on me," Davis told NBC 4 New York. "My friend said, 'If you're so confident, why don't you get 'World Series' tattooed with it?"

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Davis accepted the challenge. Already scheduled to touch up a separate sleeve tattoo the day of Game 1, he changed his mind and asked the artist at the parlor for a new tattoo instead. 

"We're going to get a World Series tattoo," he told the artist.

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Davis said he committed to it as the game coverage came on TV, and "as it was being finished, I was watching the first pitch being thrown." 

Friend Kevin Hynson received a group text from Davis that evening saying he was getting the tattoo. The buddies on the thread wondered briefly if he was joking.

About an hour later, they got their answer in a photo sent to the group, tweeted by Hynson that night:

Even after the first two losses in Kansas City, Davis remained ebullient, according to Hynson.

"Every time I talked to him, he said he had faith," he said.

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Davis, who watched Sunday's series-ending game with his father at home, admitted he was crushed by the loss and that it was "tough waking up knowing they lost." 

But he isn't sweating the inaccurate ink scrawled across the side of his torso. 

"I'm not like 'Oh, my God, get this tattoo off me' at all," he said. It's turned out to be a tribute to the thrills and hopes the Mets gave him this post-season, even if it was relatively short-lived.

"I'm used to it," he said. "I know how to bounce back."

Davis added that he plans to add the years the Mets did win the World Series to it, 1969 and 1986. He may even go back next year to add "2016" to it, depending on how things go.

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