Family Finds 3-Foot-Long Python in Kitchen

A Hartford, Connecticut, family had quite the scare on Thursday morning when they found a three-foot long python in their kitchen.

Hartford animal control went to a home on Deerfield Avenue after the Baugh family called police around 9 a.m. to report finding the snake, according to police.

Tory Baugh said he thought his mother was lying when she screamed, 'There's a snake in the house."

Soon, he learned it was no lie. 

"Then I went downstairs, looked at it and I jumped, scared out of my pants," he said.  

While Baugh and his mother were shocked, they were not hurt.

After taking custody of the python, animal control set upon the quest of finding out who she belonged to,

It was not long before the owner went to them after seeing his snake -- Bertha -- on the news. He didn't realize until then that she was missing. 

Bertha's home is on the next street over, Lenox Street, and she is back home now.

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