Long Island

Fake Clothing Bins Pop Up On Long Island As Part of Scam

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It's the season of giving — but on Long Island, there's a warning about where some of that giving is taking place,

The message Tuesday from the town of Oyster Bay: Not all donation bins are the same, as fake clothing donation bins have been seen.

"Residents should be wary of bins with no identification. Of course, this is in violation of both county and state codes," said Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino.

Saladino warned that fake donation bins are on the rise in his town, and laid how how people can spot the fakes from the real ones. He said to look out for "things like stenciled lettering, no sign of legitimacy, no contact information" as signs that the bin may not be legitimate.

Officials say this scam is so pervasive that in one year, they’ve already confiscated about 12 bins.

Saladino held up a sticker that all legitimate organizations can apply for. When that sticker is on a donation bin, Saladino said it can be trusted. The town supervisor said that the fake bins are removed when they are spotted, and the info is given to the Nassau County Police Department.

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