Strange Packages With Baby Food Jars Shut Down NJ Streets: Police

Bags containing baby food jars were placed on intersections on a New Jersey street and police shut down the roads for hours Saturday while they figured out what was inside the packages, officials said. 

Each plastic shopping bag held one clear glass baby food jar with a black object inside, police said.

At first, the items appeared to be M-80 firecrackers, police said. But an investigation determined that they were actually black candles. 

The bags, each a different color, were placed on Rosalie Street from Banta Place to 34th Street in Fair Lawn, the Daily Voice first reported

The roads were closed and residents were told to stay in their homes until the packages were found to be safe, police said. All roads were reopened by 11 a.m., police said. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Fair Lawn Police Detective Karen Censullo at 201-794-5412.

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