Fighter Jets Intercept Small Planes in NY, CT

Authorities in the town of Islip said two F-15 fighter jets were sent to respond to the small experimental aircraft

Two fighter jets were scrambled to intercept two small airplanes in separate areas of the metro area Monday evening as President Obama's campaign visit to Connecticut put security on high alert, officials say.

Authorities said the first aircraft was intercepted at about 7 p.m. over Long Island when it entered a flight area that was temporarily restricted near Air Force One, which was stationed at Kennedy Airport at the time. 

The F-15 fighter jets escorted the Kitfox -- a small experimental aircraft -- to MacArthur Airport on Long Island, where it was met by local police. 

The second aircraft was intercepted at about 7:30 p.m. near New Haven, Conn., in another temporary flight restricted area. The aircraft was allowed to proceed to its destination, authorities said. 

George and Debra Canellis heard the commotion outside their home in Belleport, N.Y. 

"It sounded like an airplane that was shaking the house," said Debra Canellis. "And I said to George, 'That's not a normal airplane."

Geroge Canellis added, "You could even feel it. It was such a deep rumble." 

That's when the couple went outside and saw the fighter jets flying over their home. 

"I got firsthand the feeling of what it's like to have jet fighters over your house, and that's terrifying," said Debra Canellis. "It's not a good feeling."

"They took the right precaution, considering it was the president of the United States," said George Canellis. "I think they took the right action." 

Obama was speaking Monday night at two campaign events in Connecticut. 

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