New Jersey

Extremely Rare Whale Washes Up Dead on New Jersey Beach

The specimen is only the second of its kind seen on NJ beaches in a generation

A Blainesville's beaked whale washed up dead on a New Jersey beach, only the second time in a generation the extremely rare specimen has been seen on the region's shores.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center reported Wednesday that the 15-foot male weighed roughly 800 pounds when it was found at Island Beach State Park. It was already decomposing when found, so it was not clear when the animal actually died. 

The last time this particular type of whale washed up in the state was 1989. Part of that animal is in the center's museum in Brigantine.

According to the conservation charity WDC, the whale is known for a beak that resembles a dolphin's, and prefers deeper, tropical waters. 

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