Excellent! Mr. Burns Scores the Most Write-In Votes

But those 25 votes were no enough to win the election.

Excellent! Fictional cartoon millionaire Charles Montgomery Burns scored the most write-in votes; collecting 25, according to Board of Elections data.

But obviously that wasn't enough for victory. Do'h!

The Springfield millionaire was just one of the silly write-ins New Yorkers proposed for mayor. City residents cast the late Rodney Dangerfield, radio host Howard Stern, Mickey Mouse ands even Sleeping Beauty.

"In an electorate of millions of people, there will be a few who will use it as a form of personal expression," a Hunter College political science professor, Andrew Polsky, told the Daily News.

Close to 300 votes cast in last month’s election were write-ins, just a small fraction of the 1.1 million votes cast. Derek Jeter was the only athlete on the list, but he declined to comment when the News asked whether he will have a political future or whether he write in his name.

Former presidents won some votes. Honest Abe received a write-in from another Queens resident, and three others selected former President Bill Clinton.

Some votes gave formers mayors a second chance. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani collected 10 votes while David Dinkins and Ed Koch each received one vote. 

"I was a good mayor and some people remember that," Koch told the paper, insisting he wasn’t the person who wrote his name.

City Councilman Dan Gardonick (D-Manhattan) also swears that he and his mother did not write in his name. Four people did despite his obscurity.

"We don't know where these votes came from," said Garodnick's spokesman Dan Pasquini told the News.  He also said the city councilman was also "flattered" yet "soundly beaten by a fictional cartoon billionaire."

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