Madonna Cited for Fake ‘No Parking’ Signs, Paint Outside NYC Mansion

The signs were posted outside the singer's mansion on the Upper East Side

Parking in Manhattan is enough to give the Queen of Pop a headache.

Madonna posted homemade "No Parking" signs around her property on the Upper East Side to keep delinquent drivers from blocking her driveway. 

A few of the signs outside the apartment at Lexington Avenue and East 81st Street read "Tenant Parking Only" and "Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed Away." The words "No Parking" were embossed on the sidewalk in front of her garage, and it appears she had painted the curb yellow along the stretch. 

The signs caught the attention of several news outlets -- and the city's Transportation Department.The New York Post reports that a neighbor complained to the city, which issued a "letter of defacement" to the star. 

People who live and work in the area say they understand why Madonna resorted to the non-sanctioned signs and yellow paint. The search for parking there is so tough that contractor Sam Santana says he has someone stationed in his van every day to move it. 

"It's impossible to find parking here," said neighbor Sue Leonard. 

"She's not the only one," Gino Civici added of Madonna's tactics to beat people trying to park in front of her home. "But they always pick on the famous people." 

Sandra Weiksmer pointed out, "The neighbors down there have put in yellow in the past, but when it's faded people come and park. I don't think it's legal. It's good to let them know." 

The Material Girl responded to the citation on her Instagram, with a photo from the Daily Mail's story on the signs. 

"Yes Bishes I am Madonna and that is my driveway and if people park in front of it i cant drive in my driveway! So sorry the city doesn't like the color yellow! We will paint a nice dull grey to keep our neighbors happy! Sorry! Im saying 3 extra Hail Mary's this Easter for this transgression," Madonna wrote.

Madonna bought her New York pad for a reported $40 million in 2008. The potential fine she faces for the signs and painted curb: $250. 

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