New York

Escaped Cow Rampages Through Long Island Streets, Takes out Police Car

An escaped cow spent hours on the run, dashing through the streets of Long Island and ramming a police car before it was tranquilized, authorities say.

The bovine was first spotted around 9 p.m. Thursday, but managed to evade police well into Friday morning, when it was seen darting through trees and trotting across streets and yards in Medford.

As the chase continued, the cow set its sights on a Suffolk County Police cruiser. It rammed the vehicle’s right side, crumpling its doors and breaking a side-view mirror.

The cow rammed a police car before it was tranquilized in a yard.

Police eventually cornered the animal and were able to tranquilize it. It was carried away in a trailer.

No injuries were reported.

On Friday, police said they still don’t know where the cow came from.

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