Enjoy Your Snapple, Boss

When the owners of an unnamed SoHo art gallery went on vacation earlier this year and left the store in the hands of a disgruntled worker, they had little idea he would be so daring as to use their Snapple bottles as his urinal, and later watch them enjoy his refurbished beverages "made from the best stuff on earth."

This secret and others would've stayed private forever if not for Urban Alchemist, a Park Slope vintage jewelry and clothing store that's been asking its patrons to share their dirty secrets for an art project of the same name.

The Brooklyn Paper checked out the whispering window, reporting, "Some are innocuous (“I still sleep with my teddy bear” or “My resume is a sham”), some are scandalous (“I once had sex with my teacher for an A on a test”), [and] some are just embarrassing (“I have a crush on Joey Fatone”)."

“The idea," co-owner Rebecca Shepherdexplained to the paper, "is to let people reveal their secret." Her favorite, of course, is the SoHo story, which she readily admits is "so delightfully devious and awful."

Now with the facts, this gallery shouldn't be too hard to find. We know it's in SoHo. It has co-owners who recently went on vacation, and they keep Snapple bottles lying around the offices. Most importantly, they have a male underling who probably doesn't seem to happy with his job. Any ideas as to which lucky gallery we're talking about here? Do share.

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