Thar She Blows! Whale Spotted Swimming in East River

Even the wildlife are trekking down to New York City to ring in the new year.

A whale was spotted cruising through the East River Saturday afternoon. An expert at the Wildlife Conservation Society said the unusual tourist "looks like" an endangered Right Whale, a rare breed that belongs to the Baleen family.

Northern right whales live in temperate Atlantic or Pacific waters, often times near the coast, according to National Geographic.

NYPD's Special Operations Division tweeted a photo of the massive mammal making his rounds near Gracie Mansion.

"Even the wildlife want to ring in #NYE2017 in #NYC," NYPD Chief of Special Operations Division Harry Wedin tweeted.

New York City proved to be a popular tourist destination for whales in 2016. Last month, a humpback whale got stuck in a Long Island bay and was later euthanized. Nearly a week before that, another whale was spotted swimming near the George Washington Bridge.

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