Empire State Building to Shine Obama Blue

Skyscraper plays politics

Here's a statement most New Yorkers will love: "The Empire State Building will shine blue for President-elect Barack Obama."

The top three tiers of the city's tallest skyscraper will go all blue starting at dusk, right up until midnight when the tower's lights are normally turned off.

"This week, New Yorkers will be able to look up at the sky and celebrate the election with the Empire State Building's tower lights,” James Connors, General Manager for the Empire State Building said in a statement.

After the election returns started filtering-in Tuesday night, some New Yorkers thought the skyscraper was already Obama blue ahead of the official announcement. But it depended on where you were standing. On election night, the colors were actually split: two sides red, two sides blue.

After Wednesday's all-blue celebration, the ESB will switch to red white and blue on Thursday night -- in celebration of democracy of course. The Empire State Building 's election fever started Monday with a red, white and blue outfit to remind New Yorkers to vote. And that they did.

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