Elderly Twins Found Dead in Grisly Discovery at Brooklyn Home

What to Know

  • Two twins' badly decomposed bodies were discovered by firefighters at a home in Crown Heights
  • It's unclear what killed the two women; one of them had been very sick, neighbors say, but the other appeared in good health
  • Police are investigating whether the deaths are suspicious or if the women died from natural causes

Two elderly twins were found dead in an apartment they shared in Brooklyn on Friday, according to authorities and neighbors.

The two women in their 70s likely died of natural causes, but their bodies were badly decomposed and had been there for sometime, according to police, who responded around 2 p.m. after firefighters made the grisly find in Crown Heights.

Firefighters discovered the bodies as they were investigating the source of flooding in a connected, neighboring building. The firefighters entered the twin's basement and found a burst pipe and no heat. When they went upstairs, they discovered the two bodies; one was found in a hallway, the other in a bedroom. 

The bodies may have been in the dwelling for months before they were discovered, although it's not clear exactly how long and it may take some time to determine what killed them and when, police said. 

Neighbors said the twins had lived at the home on Union Street, just a block east of the Brooklyn Museum, for more than 30 years.

The women were always together, according to neighbors, who said one of them had been very ill but that other one seemed in good health and would go out shopping. 

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