‘El Bloombito' Tweeter Mocks Bloomberg's Spanish

Will the real Bloombito stand up, por favor?  

Mayor Bloomberg’s Spanish-speaking parody ego has come out from behind the El Bloombito Twitter account. Rachel Figueroa-Levin told NBC New York she just couldn’t help herself when she started tweeting parodies of Mayor Bloomberg speaking Spanish during his press conferences.

“The Spanish is just so blatantly hilarious,” she said. “It’s the diction. It’s the pronunciation. It’s the accent.”
Soon after Bloomberg started addressing the Spanish speaking viewers on live television, Figueroa-Levin said her friends on Twitter couldn’t help but laugh. “It was like a collective LOL,” said 25-year-old Figueroa-Levin, who lives in Inwood. “I had to open a Twitter account in his name.”   
The account now has almost 15,000 followers.
What followed were tweets like: “Hola Newo Yorko! El stormo grande is mucho dangeroso!,” and “Stay awayo para los next few days los parks y los trees. Que fall down! El Boom!
Demonstrating that his sense of humor is perhaps finer than his Spanish pronunciation, Bloomberg responded to the account with a smile. He responded on Twitter and at a recent briefing. “It’s hard to learn a new language at age 69,” he defended himself, laughing.
Figueroa-Levin said she’s relieved that he took it in stride. “You know, he’s the Mayor," she said.
Figueroa-Levin is also surprised by her 15 minutes of fame, saying the Twitter account was created spontaneously in good fun.
Since being outed as the woman behind the El Bloombito Twitter account, Figueroa-Levin's phone has been ringing off the hook.  A book publisher even demanded a meeting today. 
But none of the sudden attention is keeping here away from Twitter. Her latest tweet under El Bloombito's account: “Yo el speako Melissa Russo of NBC! Que publicidador!”
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