The Egg House, New NYC Pop-Up, Allows Visitors to Celebrate the Multifaceted Food

Scrambled, fried, poached, harboiled: eggs have a way of being universally transformed no matter what cuisine they are incorporated into, and new pop-up museum on the Lower East Side aims to celebrate their universality.

The Egg House features various installations in six different rooms with names like "The Kitchen," "The Foyer," and "The Garden."  There's also one yet-to-be-revealed secret room where eggs will be on display.

As visitors make their way through the sights and sounds of the pop-up, egg treats will be available from various food vendors including Egg Shop and Eggloo

The Egg House was founded by a group from NYU, Parsons, SVA and Pratt Institute with backgrounds in art, interior design and marketing.

"To occasionally get away from the city comes with high costs, so we created a fantasy space that allows you to live momentarily in an imaginary place without spending months’ pay or traveling to the other side of the world," said one of the founders.

The Egg House will be at 195 Chrystie Street between April 7 to June 27

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