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Abandoned Cheese Shop Is Stinking Up East Village Block

No one's been seen inside the cheese shop for weeks and neighbors fear their block may become a hangout for rats

What to Know

  • Neighbors of East Village Cheese say an overwhelming stench is filling their block
  • The cheese shop's power was apparently cut off when it was abandoned weeks ago
  • Neighbors worry the smell will only get worse, but there are legal concerns about entering the shop

A shuttered cheese shop is sending a cloud of stink around the East Village, neighbors say.

The specialty shop East Village Cheese was abandoned without explanation two weeks ago, according to residents.

When it was shuttered, the store’s power was apparently cut off. That has led to a potent odor of rotting cheese making its way into neighboring businesses on East Seventh Street.

Julia Knox, the owner of East Village Hats next door, said she and other neighbors are worried the smelly cheese might attract a wave of hungry rats. But the pressing concern at the moment is simply the stench.

“The smell of cheese is seeping into my hat shop, and I am looking for ideas for how to get the place emptied before it rots,” Knox told the blog EV Grieve.

The landlord is reportedly aware of the situation, but there are apparently legal concerns about entering the shop.

On Thursday, cheese wheels and bread were still seen sitting on the shelves and counters of the store, as if someone simply got up and left. The security gate at the shop was down, and a sign on the door read, “Sorry, We’re Closed.”

A phone number for the cheese shop was not in service.

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