New Jersey

E-ZPass Warns About Phishing Scam Targeting Customers

E-ZPass is warning customers about bogus toll violation notices sent by email asking patrons to click a hyperlink to download an invoice.

The email, which appears to have E-ZPass' logo in the background, says, "Dear customer, You have not paid for driving on a toll road. This invoice is sent repeatedly, please service your debt in the shortest possible time. The invoice can be downloaded here."

The "downloaded here" link goes to a website that asks for credit card information.

E-ZPass says a large number of people have complained about the fake violation notices.

"New Jersey drivers should know that legitimate toll violation notices are sent by mail, not email, from the E-ZPass Customer Service Center in Newark, NJ," the Garden State arm of the company said in a statement. "The web address for paying a legitimate violation to agencies in the New Jersey E-ZPass Group is"

Anyone who receives an unsolicited email demanding payment can call the toll-free E-Z Pass customer service center at 1-877-762-7824.

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