Duo Accused in Holocaust Survivor Slay Took Wrong Safe: Son

Big mistake. The hooligans who allegedly killed an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor carted off the wrong safe when they made their getaway – stealing the one with paperwork rather than the one containing $3,000, cops and the man's son said yesterday.

Angela Murray and the man who helped her must have figured the bigger of the two safes had the cash when they jacked it from Guido Felix Brinkmann's Upper East Side home, but when cops found it at their apartment, the only loot it contained was a bunch of papers and tax returns, police sources told The New York Post.

Later, cops found $3,000 inside a tiny 10-by-9-inch safe the thugs left behind, which is where Brinkmann's son, Rick, had said his father kept money.

Brinkmann lived through the terrors at three Nazi concentration camps, but allegedly fell victim to Murray and her accomplice a week ago. The Auschwitz survivor, who owned the trendy Adams Apple disco in the 1970s, was found bound and beaten to death last Thursday in his East 65th Street home. The medical examiner said he was strangled to death. 

Cops figured he was killed after refusing to relinquish the combinations to the two safes in his home, according to the Post.

Murray, a 30-year-old Bronx resident, was arrested Saturday after the doorman at Brinkmann's apartment identified her in a lineup, the paper reported. Cops are still looking for her alleged partner in crime. 

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