New York City

Duck (Yes, a Duck) Rescued From L Train Tracks in Brooklyn

Rats and random creepy critters are a familiar sight to New York City subway riders, but this is a new one. 

Cops responding to a call at the L line's Jefferson Station in Bushwick shortly before 9:30 a.m. Friday found a duck stranded on the northbound tracks, police said. So they called in officers from the department's Emergency Services Unit.

Detectives Kevin Conway and Michael Black took the call, police said, and managed to corrall the duck shortly thereafter.

Video shows the charcoal-colored quacker running and flopping in the track bed as the two officers try to corner it. Clearly confused, the bird runs one way, then the other, disturbed as a train blares by on the opposite side of the station.

Then, in one fell swoop, one of the officers scoops up the duck, tucks it in his arms and brings it back to the platform. 

The original responding officers took over at that point, bringing the duck upstairs and releasing it at Highland Park near the reservoir, authorities said. Despite the trauma, the duck appeared to be in OK condition.

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