Quack-Happy White Duck on Red Leash Ruffles Feathers on G Train

Straphangers are more or less used to odd animal sightings on city subways -- from snakes to peacocks to a raccoon and crabs. Now, enter duck on a leash. 

Instagram user @giant.life captured video of a white duck on a red leash on a G train in Brooklyn Monday. 

The video shows the duck quacking animatedly, bopping its head up and down as the train rumbles along, at some points resting its head on what appears to be a very clean subway car floor. 

Someone can be heard inquiring about the duck, and the apparent owner responds that it is a pet and that she has had the duck since it was a chick.

It is illegal to keep a duck as a pet in New York, according to the city

The Intrepid (and Hungry) Animals of New York City

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