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Homeland Security Raid at Bronx Home Turns Up Guns, Chemicals, Pills

Police are now looking for 38-year-old Richard Laugel

What to Know

  • Law enforcement are searching for 38-year-old Richard Laugel in connection with a drug raid executed at his Bronx home Tuesday
  • Authorities found handguns, assault weapons and silencers, along with pills and chemicals indicative of a drug operation
  • The culmination of the long-term investigation by Homeland Security also brought NYPD and ATF to the scene

Authorities are looking for a man in connection with a raid that turned up large amounts of drugs and guns at a Bronx home Tuesday. 

Homeland Security and NYPD began searching the building at 2205 Palmer Ave. as part of a long-term investigation into a suspected drug operation there, which started with a tip that the man who lived in the home had been getting an unusual amount of deliveries.

During the search, authorities found chemicals and pills indicative of a drug-manufacturing operation, officials said. They also found silencers, handguns, machine guns and assault weapons, along with several explosive devices. 

Police are now looking for 38-year-old Richard Laugel. He was already facing charges of trying to blow up a rival gang member's car in March 2016 -- so when chemicals were found in his home Tuesday, the bomb squad was called as a precaution. 

ATF agents were also on the scene assisting. 

"They just found everything and not the guy. That's even worse," said neighbor Briana Benitez. 

"Right here in your neigborhood -- everybody's neighborhood -- how safe are we?" said Kevin Pressley. 

Laugel was due in court next week for a hearing in connection with the alleged attempt to blow up the vehicle. He had been out on $100,00 bail. 

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