New York

Driver Suffers Medical Emergency Before 3-Car Crash, 20-Foot Plummet at Train Station

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Commuters were shocked to see a BMW sedan fly through chainlink fence and fall about 20 feet, crashing next to the tracks of the Metro-North line.

No trains were running through the Pleasantville station when the vehicle crashed just feet from the tracks, suspending service between North White Plains and Mount Kisco for almost 30 minutes, transit officials said.

Police and witnesses said the incident started at the nearby intersection of Memorial Plaza and Manville Road. The driver of the BMW rear-ended a pickup truck, then slammed into two parked cars before driving through the fence, police said.

Police in Pleasantville said the 20-year-old driver suffered a "medical emergency" behind the before striking the truck. The driver sustained only minor injuries and was taken to Westchester Medical Center for evaluation.

John Morra was driving the pickup truck when the crash occurred around 12 p.m.

"A car rammed into me and pushed me into the intersection and I didn't realize at the time that he was hooked onto my truck," Morra detailed.

Morra said he feels lucky he and the other driver weren't seriously hurt.

By early Friday afternoon, the vehicle was lifted up and over the train station wall.

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