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Driver Kept Going After Running Over Child in NJ: Witnesses

A driver in a Jeep struck a child in Jersey City on Saturday evening and multiple people chased after him, thinking he wouldn't stop, witnesses say.

The child was hit at the busy intersection of Christopher Columbus Drive and Grove Street. 

“There was other people banging on his door saying 'Stop! Stop!' And he kept going,” Nelson Pujols said.

Witnesses say the child was walking with a group. After being hit, he or she laid lifeless.

“Not crying or anything, just laying there and stuff,” a witness who gave his name as Mo B. said.

Jose Pimentel was among several people who ran after the Jeep after it hit the child.

“I jumped on the street, went after the car. I was able to stop him and let him know he had to stop because he hit somebody,” Pimentel said. “He said he thought he went over a book bag. He didn’t notice that he had hit a person.”

Pimentel said he saw a police officer and waved him down.

Jersey City police kept the area closed for most of the evening. They towed away the Jeep and were questioning the driver.

The child was listed in serious condition at Jersey City Medical Center Saturday night. 

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