Driver Dead After Barreling Down Bronx Street, Crashing Into Cars: Police

A 65-year-old woman is dead after she crashed into several parked and moving cars as she barreled down a Bronx street Monday afternoon, authorities say. 

Police say the woman was driving down Boston Road at a high rate of speed when she hit two parked, unoccupied cars. Surveillance video obtained by News 4 shows how forceful the impact was -- one of the parked cars was pushed onto the sidewalk as pieces of the vehicle flew off. 

Her car then hit a Mercury sedan, which was occupied by two people, and another empty car before it was finally stopped by a landscaping truck at the corner of Boston Road and Connor Street. The 48-year-old truck driver was treated at the scene. 

Sheila Davis and her son Ricky were the two people in the Mercury. 

"The light was green and we were coming, all of a sudden something went 'bang' and knocked us over to the other lane," said Davis. "They were saying 'get out the car, get out the car.' So we ran out the car." 

They saw the driver of the wrecked SUV was trapped. Firefighters finally managed to free the driver but she was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

A source says police are investigating whether the driver was suffering from a medical condition. 

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